About Company


We are the best Out of Home advertising Company in the region. Now a day Out of Home Advertising is the most important component for success of any business. Out-of-home media is advertising that reaches the consumers while they are outside their homes. As due to busy work schedules and longer commute sometimes company may loss viewership. Out of Home is focused on marketing to consumers when they are in public places, in transit, waiting, and/or in specific commercial locations. I Prints Media is a company specializing in Out-of-Home. We understand every company needs to advertise their brands to reach their target consumers by pinpointing the media that will bring the highest returns (ROI) and brand recall. Every company is different & has different needs. In today's fast changing world every company needs an edge to keep up with today's ever-changing consumer trends and behaviors. The out-of-home advertising segment has increased importance, due to a lack of viewership caused by busy work schedules and longer commutes. Out-of-Home advertising increases the number of connect points with consumers and engages consumers on different levels.

Out of Home advertising formats fall into four main categories: billboards, street furniture, transit, and alternative. Keeping in mind that every company is unique and has different needs accordingly best suited method can be used. Out of Home advertising increases the numbers of connect points with consumers and engages consumers on different levels.


We know that brand awareness plays a pivotal role for every successful brand as without it a brand cease to exist! we have all seen successful marketing campaigns that have made major products as household names. There are various OOH marketing opportunities in the market place, however not all companies have the financial resources or the luxury to explore the various advertising mediums. Even with a big budget the challenge lies in creating long lasting advertising impact on consumers. Our goal is to offer clients the advertising mediums that will raise brand awareness without breaking the bank. We will test the effectiveness of your message in each medium to find the best vehicle for promoting your products and services.